TestChest®Respiratory Flight Simulator

AQAI Simulation Center Mainz, Germany, and Organis Landquart, Switzerland, have combined their experience in medical training, high-end technical design and mathematical modeling to create an innovative product: TestChest®

This high-end lung simulator is the ultimate tool for basic and advanced training for anesthesiologists, intensive care physicians and nurses. For the safety of patients in respiratory failure this training is just as important as flight simulator training is to pilots: it offers training in an environment where no harm will result to trainees or patients (passengers). Canine and porcine models are still being used to teach the skills involved in mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic management and the physiology of lung-heart-interaction to this day.

As realistic as these models may be, animal-based training is fragile and poorly reproducible.

  • TestChest® eliminates the need for animal experiments and provides a breakthrough in training.
  • TestChest® realistically replicates pulmonary mechanics, gas exchange and hemodynamic responses.
  • TestChest® simulates respiration from normal spontaneous breathing to mechanically ventilated severely diseased lungs.
  • TestChest® is programmable and can be remotely operated to simulate in an unprecedented way the evolution of diseases as well as the recovery process.

Additional options add more functions to TestChest®

TestChest® uses an artificial "finger" to simulate oxygen saturation curves. Pulse amplitude can vary according to different states of intravascular filling. Heart-lung interactions are modeled in this way, supporting the latest generations of ventilators in advanced or automatic respiratory modes.

TestChest<sup>®</sup> TestChest<sup>®</sup>

TestChest® can be equipped with a mass flow controller for CO2 production. Together with an adjustable dead space, realistic capnograms will be generated and can be shown on any CO2 monitor.


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TestChest Basic Software Learning Module