TestChest® Integration into Full-Scale-Simulation

TestChest® can easily be connected with an intubation head “Mr. Angelman“.

„Non-Invasive Ventilation“

Various learning modules can be extended by an optional addition of “Non-Invasive Ventilation”:

  • ARDS
  • COPD
  • Weaning / Muscular fatigue

In these three learning modules, additional scenarios support the concept of NIV, its features, advantages and limitations.

„Transpulmonary Pressure“

The module contains an electropneumatic pressure generator that can be connected directly to advanced ventilators, supporting this concept as a replacement for an esophageal balloon.
The learning module adds a special case, which can be recruited with high pressure, higher than normal operations would suggest. Thanks to the concept of transpulmonary pressure, it may still be possible to recruit the patient.

Combination of TestChest® with Full-Scale Mannequin

AQAI has developed an interface to certain full-scale mannequin simulators. The advanced features of TestChest® can thus replace the more basic respiratory functions inside the mannequin.

This combination allows full-scale simulating experiences for any kind of respiratory training courses that cannot be realized with any other simulator. Any kind of respiratory support is possible in intensive care as well as in anesthesia and emergency medicine. All common functions of the full-scale mannequin remain active, e.g. heart and breathing sounds, pulses, airway features and resuscitation.

As the advanced software adds hemodynamics and pharmacology, the functionality of the mannequin is even enhanced. The interface is constructed in such a way that the user may control the simulation from the original software of the mannequin as well as from the full graphical representation of AQAI’s advanced software. This results in maximum flexibility.

The most sophistcated interface between TestChest® and a full-scale mannequin currently exists for
SimMan® 3G, SimMan® Essential and SimMan® Essential Bleeding by Laerdal.