TestChest® Basic control software


Basic Control is part of TestChest® and runs on any Windows PC.

TestChest® is designed to have no controls except the power switch. It can therefore be placed anywhere and there is no need for any interaction with the model itself.
All communication is done via standard network connections using TCP/IP. After start-up, Basic Control automatically establishes communication with TestChest®.
A set of standard parameters is loaded by default, representing a fully healthy and passive lung. Indicators mean that the user is always aware of the communication status.

Basic Control features:

  • Selection of preconfigured patients.
  • Selection of preconfigured spontaneous breaths.
  • Start of a calibration procedure.

These functions allow the immediate use of all advanced TestChest® properties.

For those who want to influence the parameters directly, Basic Control can access all values that are used in the TestChest® physiological model to setup the artificial lung.

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The advanced software adds an extended physiological model to the respiratory models of TestChest®, control­ling circulation, metabolism, volumes, pharmacology and more.
These models make it possible to get a view of the whole patient and to treat him with drugs, physiotherapy, positioning, etc.

TestChest® Advanced is both a preconfigured tool and a highly flexible open system: the models behind it can be accessed by experienced users and modified to create individual reactions.
All learning modules (except the module "Artificial Ventilation - Basics") make use of the advanced software and are an integrated part of this.

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