AQAI GmbH Simulation Center Mainz

AQAI – The name is an abbreviation: “Angewandte Qualitätssicherung in Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin“ – Quality applied to anesthesia and intensive care medicine.

AQAI started as an initiative to improve quality in anesthesia and intensive care medicine. For more than 15 years we have hosted an information system on complications and critical incidents. Today it is one of the largest databases on these kinds of the world. In the simulation center Mainz this initiative gains advantages from putting theory into practice. We realized this idea not only for anesthesia but also for the entire field of medicine in an interdisciplinary manner. We do training for various professions with all types of patient and virtual reality simulators. Today AQAI has the experience of more than 15 years of training and education in full-scale-patient-simulation. We do more than 500 training days per year with a team of 12 employees coming from anesthesia, intensive and emergency care medicine, mathematics and physics. We are one of the largest private simulation centers in Europe.

To enhance the comprehensive training spectrum and to make it more realistic AQAI developed a package of add on products for simulation. One of the most important tools is the AVS – AQAI Video System, the ultimate tool for simulation recording and debriefing.

Furthermore AQAI developed interfaces for PICCO™-monitoring, TIVA-TCI-infusion-pumps, EEG-monitoring and servo-controlled vaporizers (SIS - Simulation-Interface-Software) to make patient simulation as realistic as possible.

TestChest®– the innovation of lung simulation – provides a breakthrough in respiratory training.
The simulation of human lung function is extremely realistic and thus makes animal experiments for teaching purposes unnecessary.

ORGANIS is developer and producer of TestChest® hardware and the underlying embedded software.

AQAI is a cooperation partner of Organis and has developed software to control TestChest® and to make TestChest® a complete solution for learning optimized respiratory therapy for acute and chronic lung diseases. Physiological and pathophysiological models support a lot of learning modules for training.
TestChest® is a tool easy to use for educating basic and advanced artificial respiration.
AQAI is also a distributor for TestChest® in Europe.

Our latest innovative idea around TestChest® is the integration into full-scale-mannequin. Using the 3G-family of Laerdal all functions of both simulators can be controlled from one single platform. All clinical functions like heart- and breathing sounds, pulses, airway-features and resuscitation remain active.