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Anyone who is engaged with simulation technology or simulation in general will find that the available means have their limitations and the manufacturers pursue different philosophies. In this way, users' wishes and ideas often remain what they are.

As a company with employees from different professional groups in medicine and technology, we have been developing solutions since our beginning to make the simulation better. Whether by the development of our own control software (SIS), our own video system (AVS) or the integration of different systems into the simulation (i.e. electronically controlled lung simulation = TestChest®).


  • SIS - Simulation Interface Software
  • ASISIS -Web Interface SIS


  • AVS - AQAI Video System
  • TestChest®
„Gain experience in an environment which is safe for your patient and yourself.”
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Protected learning environment
  • High practice
  • Realistic premises
  • Personal care
  • Small groups
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