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Learning Modules

Learning modules are a compilation of learning contents on the respective topic. They mainly consist of cases that can be applied in the simulation in the form of scenarios. Each learning module contains a short "state of the art" overview of the topic. This is followed by simple exercises, which can be worked through intuitively with the scenarios. Each of these cases is presented with his / her individual learning goal and there is no lack of information on how the instructor can verify that this has been achieved. 

Independent of learning with the instructor, the AQAI learning modules also allow independent learning. For this, hardly any instructions are necessary, since the software is extremely intuitive to use.
For advanced learners, there are other cases in each learning module that present themselves as real cases with a course. The course itself is influenced by the trainees and by the measures taken. These cases are taken from the AQAI Fundus and are often tested in teaching practice.

Simple and effective

Learning modules make using the AQAI SIS software a child's play. All the more complicated settings are made automatically in the background. Nevertheless, the learner, like the instructor, can at any time grasp the course of events and adapt individual parameters. This is done with the software solution ASISIS - a graphical interface to SIS.

All learning modules can be processed together with the TestChest® or even with the patient simulator. The scenarios automatically identify with which configuration they are working and make the necessary adjustments. Currently, there are the following learning modules:


  • Basics and Advanced Ventilation
  • ARDS
  • COPD
  • Weaning
  • Non-invasive ventilation
  • Transpulmonary pressure

CRM (Crisis Resource Management)

  • CRM anesthesia
  • CRM Intensive Care
  • CRM Emergency Medicine

Other learning modules

  • TIVA (Total intravenous anesthesia) including TCI (Target Controlled Infusion)
  • Hemodynamic monitoring

AQAI is planning to create additional modules in the future.

Note: Currently, all learning modules are written in English. AQAI is planning a translation into the major world languages.


Learning modules
Learning modules
Learning modules
Learning modules
„Gain experience in an environment which is safe for your patient and yourself.”
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Protected learning environment
  • High practice
  • Realistic premises
  • Personal care
  • Small groups
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