Alexander Rentrop, Managing Director and Shareholder

Alexander Rentrop

Alexander is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care medicine. Alexander enriches the team of AQAI through his corresponding knowledge in the field of intensive care, especially ventilation, renal replacement therapy and the use of medical devices. He advises other intensive care centers on the use of innovative procedures, e.g. of the HFOV (High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation) and is the coordinator for the field of Intensive Care. He has been with us since 2004.

Dr. med. Matina Heinrichs

Matina Heinrichs

Matina has been working full-time in all areas of AQAI since 2007. As an anesthesiologist, she conducts a large number of simulation courses.

Britta Weiler

Britta Weiler

Britta is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care, in a center of maximum care. Since 2011 she has been working part-time with us and accompanies our course activities as an experienced instructress. In this way, she combines the practical activity of working with human patients, with the patient simulator training activities.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Heinrichs

Wolfgang Heinrichs

Wolfgang is one of the first anesthesiologist to work with patient simulation in Europe. After many years at the University Hospital of Mainz and CEO of our comany, he enjoys his retirement now but he supports us furthermore as senior andvisor. Wolfgang is an instructor for all disciplines and a developer of new simulator application. He has worked on the preparation of the sedation guide for endoscopy.

Hans Dieter Müller

Hans Dieter Müller

Hans Dieter is a specialist for anesthesia and intensive care medicine and has been with us since 2012. He has many years of professional experience in the field of internal intensive care medicine and rescue services. As an instructor and technician, he supports our course activities decisively and is part of our Quality Management team.

Dr. rer. nat. Manuela Güldner

Manuela Güldner

Manuela has been a member of the team since 2011 as a physicist and paramedic. She is the contact person for all questions concerning the TestChest® and is involved in the development of related software, e.g. the web interface ASISIS. In our team, she combines her physical knowledge with her interest in medicine. She is shareholder and authorized officer of our company.

Dipl. Math. Thomas Semmel-Griebeler

Thomas Semmel

Thomas is the IT specialist at AQAI and our data protection officer. He oversees our IT landscape and video technology in the simulation center. He is an enthusiastic Delphi programmer and develops all important software modules and programs in this function. Thomas has also designed and developed the digital video system (AVS)from AQAI, and supports our customers. He has been with us since 1997.

Elke Schütz

Elke Schütz

Elke works as the administrative assistant and authorized officer in our simulation center. Since May 2009, she has been the main contact person for all organizational questions and manages them with great responsibility. Thus, she is the focal member of our team.

Christian Blessing

Christian Blessing

Christian worked with us as a specialist for anesthesia and intensive care medicine from 2010-2012. In 2012, he took over the management of a large interdisciplinary intensive care unit in a center of maximum care and continues to support us as a technician and instructor.

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